Andrey and Evgenia

For us it was joint photosession first in the life. Seeing works of the Nickname without the shadow of the doubt we decided that we want to ourselves specialists exactly from it.
Preparation to the photosession was careful) Nickname all told and prompted clothes in the plan) on photosession itself was all very easily and easy! nonwas silly feeling of awkwardness. We are very pleased and photos and by the time itself carried out on photosession. Nickname was able not simply to make beautiful pictures, and to catch our moments of happiness and gladness) at the same time all took place so that we sometimes even forgot of what we were photographed) more in short all were very easy and we up to insanity pleased!!!))thank you to you Nick for such remarkable experience and result!)

Irina Adler

Nick, thanks a lot!!! For us there was a great honor and joy to cooperate with one of the best photographers of Israel! It was tremendous first and obviously not last experience with you)) You are a master from capital letter! Good luck and prior to fast meetings! 💕


Are madly grateful to Nick in time spent on a photoshoot, besides tremendous photos we still remarkably spent time in Yaffo and the embankment of Tel Aviv.
Photos which turned out decorated our wedding 🎉 and will remind us of the unforgettable emotions and impressions received during the travel!
Thanks! We wait for new meetings in other locations!

Andrey and Nastya

I very strongly cling to people
The choice can face me: to go to cash desk to the free girl or to go to cash desk to the girl who imposes, but at it huge turn I will go to stand in this queue! 😅
I always listen to what tells my heart and when I looked for the photographer for our Love Story, I came across it 😍 at once
This is the ideal photographer - Nick 🔝
We discussed all moments with it at once and agreed about a photoshoot ✔️
Nick, incredibly comfortable person no stesneniye existed) we were such what we are, without being confused.
Nickname as shadow, as paparatstion
At us constantly in the head the question "And where Nick?" 😅 hung we really lost sight of it, and then found across the road 😅 it caught light and a shot.
We kayfanut on a photoshoot, represent I did not expect it!.
Nickname, you are a wizard 😍
We are infinitely grateful to you, that you depicted us such and we hope for long and firm friendship ❣️
Israel If you want to imprint the memorable day or just beautiful and QUALITATIVE photoshoot address Nick.


Long ago we did not do a photoshoot of children! After there left my darling of Slava Sharkova. we were left without beautiful photos. And suddenly I receive request for addition in friends from Nick Sharko. I visit to it a page and I see - here it! my family photographer! (honestly. even did not pay attention to accord of surnames))) At once wrote to him and we agreed about a photoshoot. Appointed to blossoming of almonds for today. but some sixth sense transferred it on 10e. It is only a part of what turned out! I am excited about everything. It is clear. that photos are wonderful. but also as children (and it did shooting together with the wife) communicated with children and we had not an unlucky film-making day. and fascinating and easy travel to the fairy tale.

Artem and Ilona

I want to express huge gratitude to the wonderful photographer of Nick Sharko, for smart photos and the imprinted happy moments of our life. Thanks to you huge for so individual approach, for the help in the choice of poses. At you it turned out to choose the most advantageous foreshortenings for us. We with the husband are happy that we entrusted so responsible question as a photoshoot of pregnant women in hands of the true professional as we received also a huge bonus, a photoshoot in love story style. Thanks to you huge for your work and diligence! 🎉🎉🎉

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